Friday, 3 March 2017

A Bestseller Book Becomes One by the Effort of the Writer

A book which sells in a large number and very rapidly during a given period normally falls in the category of a bestseller book. These type of books stays in demand during every season and among every age group. These books can be based on anything like a story, statics, biography, academic, spirituality, etc. These types of books published again and again to serve the need of the readers.
 Every year a list of most selling books is created and the bestsellers are chosen from it. These bestseller books are selected on the basis of various criteria such as the number of copies sold of the concerned book, the reviews of the people regarding the book, reviews of the critics, etc. Most of the online sites selling the books keep the track of these bestsellers and try to have them all on the display for their readers. My uncle also has a bookstore where he sells all types of books for all types of readers like comics, moral stories books for children novels, spiritual, author’s books for elders etc.
Even I buy my favorite books from the online store. Why? Because all types of books available on online stores are normally cheap and easy to get. As the schedule of all of us is busy enough and if we add one more chore like going to a store to buy the book then it will be more tiresome. Books like “HARRY POTTER”, etc. are one of its kind and readers don’t forget them easily. These books remain in the mind of readers always and don’t need effort for getting sold, booksellers know this fact.  And like a good businessman they act on it.
A writer writing these books know what does the reader wish to read and hence write in such a way that reader can say no to it ever. They try hard to pour their imagination and heart out on the paper. And our sellers become the medium of putting that effort in front of people to sell it to the maximum number of people. Every seller knows about each and every book, as it is their job to know about the business they are working in. They study the market trend as well as their sales sheets to check which genre or book is in more demand than the others and once they have the list, they start working on them.

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